Seamless Siding in Ramsey MN

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Beautiful new ABC Seamless Siding project on Driscoll Street in Ramsey. Our 6″ Charcoal Gray Duck Matte siding really updated the look of this Ramsey home. New seamless gutters in Polar White was included to protect this home from water damage.

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Seamless Perfection

Seamless Perfection



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New project on Welcome Avenue in Crystal. This homeowner wanted to keep the look of the front while finding a durable product that looks great to replace his worn out masonite on the other three sides.

He found the solution with ABC Seamless Steel Siding! The 6″ Sandtone siding with Rustic Brown soffit-fascia and trim made for a nice compliment to the rustic look of this home. If down the road he looks to replace the front siding….ABC Seamless will be there with a perfect match! ABC Seamless has expanded our color lineup but we do not discontinue colors.



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Dangerous PaintingHomeowners…get off the ladder and put the paint brush away! Working high in the air in an awkward position puts you at risk for falls and injuries. Your new ABC Seamless Soffit, Fascia and Designer Gutter System will not only eliminate the annoying drudgery of painting,…it completely erases the very real risk of accidents!

Pictured below is a before and after of a recently completed project on Cressy Avenue in Anoka. Now that is a great upgrade to this home!

Unlike our competitor who use lightweight aluminum or flimsy vinyl that is prone to bending and warping….ABC Seamless soffit-fascia system is as strong as steel – because it is steel! Made from the same strong steel as our siding and finished with the same multi-layer coatings.

This homeowner made a great decision in replacing his old, worn out, pieced together gutters with new ABC Seamless Steel Designer Gutters. The ABC Seamless Gutter has a larger water caring capacity and a great contemporary look.

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Old Gutters with Poorly Installed Lightweight Soffit-Fascia














ABC Seamless Steel Designer Gutters with Steel Soffit & Fascia








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seamless-siding-home-sidingRecent siding project on Maryland Avenue in Brooklyn Park. This project included our 6″ Colonial ABC Seamless Steel Siding in Charcoal Gray, with glacier white trim, and our gutter covers ending their need for gutter cleaning.

Note the shakes above the garage and on the bump-out (below)…a great finishing touch! One of our many accent products to give your home a new, modern look!

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Metal Roofing, its Growing Popularity,
and What It Means for Homeowners

The possibility of saving money and reduce the need for repairs are some of the reasons
homeowners are turning to metal roofs. Metal roofs may be the perfect solution for
certain home designs and homeowners reaching the end of a roof cycle are exploring the
option of metal roofs.

Learn more about this roofing trend and understand why current and prospective
homeowners are looking into metal roofing today.

Why Has Metal Roofing Become Popular?

Homeowners may be surprised about the new trend in roofing materials. Metal roofing
has undergone a growth in popularity recently. Homeowners considering roofing repairs
or a new roof are now considering the metal roofing option. What is attractive about
metal roofing for homeowners today?

Homeowners looking to make their current home their “forever home” are selecting
metal roofing over traditional roofing materials. Asphalt shingles and traditional roofing
materials have an average “roofing cycle” of 15-20 years. Replacing a roof becomes more
expensive every year as labor costs continually rise. Metal roofs outlast those made out of
traditional alternatives and homeowners interested in metal roofs would rather invest in
their roof today rather than spend more on roofing, labor costs and inflation in the future.
The average “roofing cycle” of a metal roof is 50 years or more. A homeowner may
never need to replace a roof again during their stay in a home.

Metal roofing is another way homeowners can make energy efficient upgrades. Metal
roofs with an integral airspace or an Energy Star metal roof can decrease heat gain in the
attic during summer months. Homeowners have reported energy savings of 20 percent
and more as they do not need to crank up their AC to address summer heat gain. Greenminded
homeowners also appreciate the fact that metal roofs are composed of recycled
beverage cans, as is the case with a Classic Metal roof. A metal roof is another way to
reuse and recycle materials for the preferences of the eco-friendly homeowner.

Metal roofing may be one way to increase home value in a difficult market. Homes that
are maintenance-free and that include upgrades can list their homes for a higher price
when compared with similar homes. This is an advantage for a homeowner when they
finally do decide on selling their home.

Metal roofing does require an initial investment but the choice provides a number of
benefits for long-term homeowners. Metal roofing requires little maintenance and has a
durability not found in other roofing materials. This makes it easy to care for a roof over
time and continue to enjoy continuous energy-savings.

How Do Homeowners Benefit from Metal Roofing?

Homeowners can replace their roofs once and never have to think about having to do so
again. The initial investment is offset by energy savings, few, if any repairs, and more
than double the “roofing cycle” of traditional roofing options. A metal roof is resistant to
moisture, along with potential leaks, mold and rot due to such an issue. Long-term
homeowners simply need to clean gutters regularly and remove debris to keep their metal
roof in good condition and prevent corrosion.

As homeowners become frustrated with having to replace asphalt shingles in as little as
7-15 years, metal roofing appears like the perfect permanent solution to roofing issues.
Not all homeowners, such as those with complex roof designs, will be able to take
advantage of the metal roofing option. Speak to a roofing specialist about potential
roofing choices for a specific home and find out more about metal roofing today.


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Recent project on Berkshire Way in Maple Grove. This homeowner was looking to add a little curb appeal to their home. Shake siding on the garage really added to the look of their home. Shakes are one of many accent products available with our ABC Seamless Steel Siding. No one has more colors, styles, and exterior design options than ABC Seamless!

Have one our our experts out to your home for a no-obligation consultation. See what ABC Seamless can do for you!

Shake Siding from ABC Seamless

Shake Siding from ABC Seamless



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Recent ABC Seamless Siding and gutter project on Wellington Road in Minnetonka. This home was Seamless Steel Siding Minnetonkaresided in one of our long time favorite colors of Wickertone. Included in the project was our designer gutters, soffit & fascia, shake siding, windows and a patio door. A complete exterior remodel from Minnetonka’s first choice for seamless steel siding!

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ABC Seamless Siding Customer in Shoreview MN

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This homeowner on Highway 96 made the right choice back in 2004 when they chose ABC Seamless Siding for their Shoreview home!

Seamless Siding Shoreview

Seamless Siding Shoreview

A recent storm caused damage to their home, including their ABC Seamless Siding. The homeowner was relieved to find a perfect match was still available. Same color and style….even the same machine that manufactured their original siding!

Can you tell which part is from ’04 and which was just installed? While the other guys are constantly discontinuing colors and style – ABC Seamless will be there for you if there is any kind of damage or when the time comes for that new dream addition.

When looking for a most reliable siding company…..the choice is as easy as ABC!

ABC Seamless Siding

ABC Seamless Siding


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View the “before and afters” below of this Golden Valley home with ABC Seamless Steel Siding! A great update with one of our new Duck Matte Colors of Mahogany in a 6″ profile.

Fresh new look, maintenance free, and no ugly seams or splices!

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After - ABC Seamless Siding

After – ABC Seamless Siding



Mahogany Siding from ABC Seamless

Mahogany Siding from ABC Seamless


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