Vance and Kathryn Get Ripped Off!

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When you’re replacing your home’s exterior, you’d like to think that it is going to be a one time investment.

Vance and Kathryn had vinyl siding installed on their home less than four years ago.  At the time, Vance thought he bought good siding.

However, during a hail and windstorm , their vinyl siding received extensive damage.  The wind blew off some of the siding panels and hail drove large holes through the vinyl and even dented the wood underneath it.

Vance and Kathryn started looking for new siding options and checked with several different companies.  They found they wanted the seamless look and a product that was more resistant to hail and wind than vinyl.

Vance and Kathryn decided to have ABC Seamless Steel SidingVance & Kathryn's Vinyl Siding installed on their home.  They found it offered many benefits – for example, it is manufactured right on the site, there is someone close by if a problem should ever arise, and it has the strength of steel!

“When the guys pulled my vinyl siding off, it was full of dirt and bugs and it was very easy to pull off, “Vance said.

They said their local insurance agent mentioned another benefit, with ABC Seamless Siding their insurance would be cheaper because they would have seamless steel siding.

Kathryn said; “Our house is noticeably quieter now since we have put ABC Seamless Steel Siding on and we don’t have to worry about bugs and dirt getting behind the seams since there aren’t any.”

Vance said; “The best part about having ABC Seamless Steel Siding is that I’ll never have to pick up another paintbrush again.”

The Most Energy Efficient Window for Your Home

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The ABC Window

The right replacement windows say a lot about the pride you take in your home.  At ABC Seamless, we know that living in the Upper Midwest requires that products installed on your home need to be durable, look great, and help save money.

That’s why ABC Windows are the most energy efficient products for your home.  We offer Energy Saver packages like Triple Glazing, Krypton and tempered safety glass, along with striking grids and etched glass patterns as options.

Not only is it Energy Star Approved for energy efficiency, but also it has past the “American Society for Testing and Materials” tests on air infiltration resistance, water resistance, and wind resistance for strength and integrity.

Here are some tips to help you decide if your windows need replacing:

  • Painting the outside of your windows is too difficult.
  • Fog or condensation appears on the inside window panes.
  • Your old windows don’t open or close easily or are rotting.
  • You feel a breeze or light wind when standing next to your old windows.

The ABC Window comes in all different styles from Double Hung to Sliding to beautiful Bays or Bows.  Plus they’re available in many colors including wood grain interiors.

Most of all, new windows greatly improve the look of your home and you can once again be proud of and feel comfortable in your home.

Now available – No Payments, No Interest for 12 MonthsContact us today for a no obligation quote for your home!

It’s the Season for Gutter Leaf Protection

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Leaf ReliefIf you’re tired of repeatedly scooping out the sludge from leaves and other debris that clog your gutters, ABC Seamless has the solution.  Leaf Relief debris protection.  Fits securely to your current gutter system or when you install a new gutter system from ABC Seamless.  The sensible design allows rainwater to flow naturally through while preventing leaves and other debris from clogging your gutters.  Contact us today for a free estimate for Leaf Relief, or a new ABC Seamless Gutter System.

Signs Your Home Needs New Siding:

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  • Your home needs to be repainted every few years.
  • You have high heating and cooling bills.
  • Your current siding is rotting, warping, fading, or discontinued.

ABC Seamless Steel Siding has revolutionized the siding industry.  ABC Seamless is unique in that it brings the siding factory right to your home, custom fitting each piece of seamless steel siding to any length!  This helps eliminate the ugly seams and is virtually maintenance-free.  Whether building or remodeling, ABC Seamless shields the home from extreme weather elements.  It also adds a measure of safety not found in other siding products with the added benefits of noise reduction and lower heating and cooling costs.  Great energy tax credits available now!

Contact us for a free estimate on your next home exterior project!

Benefits of Steel Siding in Selling Real Estate

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graziosiFrom Dean Graziosi’s Real Estate Investment Academy Blog:

If you’re in the real estate market and have a building to sell, making a good first impression is key; taking care of the outside of a building can mean all the difference between a sale and a flop. New siding can be part of making that first impression.

Of the many siding choices on the siding market, steel is not always the first thing that comes to mind when you think of durable, affordable, low-maintenance siding. However, this is one of the top long-standing choices for larger buildings, namely shops and industrial buildings, for a good reason.

Steel isn’t just for industrial-sized structures, and can be made in any number of colors and textures. Seamless steel siding eliminates the unsightly seams that can allow moisture through, significantly diminishing the possibility of rot. The general public is only just beginning to realize all the wonderful benefits steel has over the highly publicized and extremely popular vinyl siding.

The durability of steel far outshines that of vinyl if its installed properly. While exposed edges or damage to the paint can leave it vulnerable to rust, proper maintenance can prevent that drawback. Where vinyl is prone to damage from high winds and hail, steel can withstand all but the most severe of these elements. Properly-installed steel siding is almost impossible to pry loose in the wind, no matter if its a gale-force, though larger hailstones may be able to dent the siding or scratch the paint.

If you’re environmentally-conscious, ask your contractor if they use recycled steel for their siding. Much of what is sold for siding today is recycled, thus promoting waste reduction as well as purchasing something that can be recycled whenever it is no longer of any use.

Steel isn’t the cheapest option on the market – in fact, it ranks among the most expensive – but it is well worth the money you put into it. It’s low maintenance, and cleaning is as simple as spraying with water from a garden hose. Especially in areas known for inclement weather, steel will withstand whatever nature throws at it for long-lasting protection and beauty.

For real estate owners looking to sell, the type of siding used on the building can be a high selling point.

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