Be Energy Wise…With ABC Seamless Windows

December 03, 2009        chuck        Filed under: The ABC Window

Ray and Tamera moved into an older home where their windows were more than 15 years old and had lost their effectiveness.  The windows were hard to open, cold air would leak down into the walls and they would fill up with frost and condensation.  With rising energy costs, they knew they needed to do something and do something fast.

Ray and Tamera were looking for windows that were maintenance-free, would be easy to clean, and would help with their heating and cooling costs.

After the ABC Seamless Windows were installed, Ray noticed a big difference immediately.  He explains, “Its been 20 below in December before and I’ve had my hand up to the window and it hasn’t been cold at all.”

Ray and Tamera have nRay & Tamera Install New ABC Seamless Windowsoticed their house stays warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and is much quieter too.  They live by the train tracks and can’t hear them as much anymore.  Tamera says, “We know we made a good decision with the siding and windows.  Its a nice job and we’re happy!”

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