Metal Roof F.A.Q.

Q:  Why is there so much interest in metal roofs?

A:  There is a great deal of aesthetic appeal with a metal roof. Also metal roofs are considered to be a substantial upgrade roof adding value to a residential property.

Q:  How long should I expect my ABC Metal Roof to last?

A:  To put it simply - the ABC Metal Roof should be the last roof you ever install!

Q:  How does the cost of an ABC Metal Roof compare to other roofs?

A:  Although metal roof systems cost more initially, the ABC Metal Roof should never need to be replaced and therefore should be less expensive over the life of your home.

Q:  Can a metal roof be damaged by hail?

A:  The ABC Metal Roof is designed to withstand the impact of most hailstorms. The ABC Metal Roof is covered by our hail protection warranty and approved by many insurance companies for reduced homeowner's insurance rates.

Q:  Will my ABC Metal Roof reduce my energy bills?

A:  Yes. The metal used in manufacturing the ABC Metal Roof will reflect the majority of the rays from the sun and therefore minimizes any heat build-up in your attic.

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