Log Siding Plymouth, MN

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Plymouth Log SidingAnother amazing transformation by ABC Seamless!

This recently completed project in Plymouth, MN. included our charcoal gray ABC Seamless Steel Log Siding, soffit-fascia and window and door trims. This homeowner wanted to keep the log look but get away from the expensive and time consuming maintenance that comes with wood.

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Log Siding Plymouth MN

Testimonial for ABC Seamless Log Siding

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KarenHear from one of our customers regarding the installation of ABC Seamless Steel Log Siding on her home.

“I always thought the log look was cool. I knew it was going to look good, but I didn’t know it was going to look this good. It’s great!” Karen

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Seamless Steel Log Siding!

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Barn Beforelog-job-in-oak-grove

Look at this AMAZING transformation with ABC Seamless Steel Log Siding! This homeowner chose ABC Seamless Log Siding for his home and barn in Oak Grove because he wanted the the look of log siding without the expense and time consuming maintenance that comes with wood log siding.

Included in the project was soffit-fascia, window trims and fascia style gutters.

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A Log Home Mother Nature Would Approve

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When people think of a log home, they think of a rustic cabin in the woods, a swing on the front porch and a fire in the fireplace.

What people don’t think about are the endless hours and money spent every few years to keep the home looking its best.  Staining, caulking, and replacing rotten logs are just a few tasks that need to be done to maintain a well-kept log home.

ABC Seamless is changing the way people think about log homes with its steel log home siding.  This siding can be applied to almost any surface transforming your home into a beautiful log home.  Steel log homes look great in small towns, big cities, and even in the woods or by a lake.

The best thing about a steel log home is that its maintenance-free.  No staining, caulking, or any other repairs that come with a wood log home.

With ABC Seamless Steel Log Home Siding, the next time you think about a log home you don’t have to think about the repairs.  You can think about how much time you will spend by the fireplace or on the front porch swing relaxing, knowing your home is protected by maintenance-free ABC Seamless Steel Log Home Siding.

To see a short video of our log siding, click here.

Karen B.'s ABC Seamless Log Siding

“I just love it!  I like to get out of my car and hug my house every time I come out here.”  – Karen B.

New Log Siding That’s Maintenance Free!

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“My log home, which is set on a hill takes a beating from the Midwest temperature extremes and winds.  After only owning my home for a short time, I knew I needed to do something to make it look good again”, says Oscar Green.

Green built his wood log home five years ago and realized this year it just didn’t have the same rustic glow.  He noticed the logs had really begun to fade and leak.  He explains, “The logs began to look like they had been bleached.  We also get driving rains and the water would seep right through the logs, leak around the windows and leave stains.”

Green looked into hiring a professional to white wash his logs and then stain and re-caulk them.  Together they figured this process would have to be done every three years just to keep the logs in good condition and looking nice.  Green was concerned about the continued costs of having this done, but he also didn’t want to lose the look of his log home.

“I saw a commercial for ABC Seamless and its new seamless steel log home siding and I couldn’t get on the phone fast enough”, states Green.

ABC Seamless’ new seamless steel log home siding captures the natural, rustic appearance of a log home, but without the maintenance hassle like traditional wood log siding.  Its durable too because it made of steel.

Today Green has more free time.  Otherwise he would spend time whitewashing, staining and caulking between every single log and all of the joints.  Green says, “With my house sitting on a hill like this, it really catches the wind.  Thanks to my new steel siding, I know that after a wind storm, the siding will still be on my home.”  He adds, “Ive also noticed my home has been warmer and quieter too.”

A very satisfied Green says, “I’m getting older and don’t want to deal with all of the maintenance which comes with owning a wood log home.  Now there’s no maintenance, and I still have my log siding.”

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