ABC Seamless Steel Vs. Vinyl

March 28, 2023        chuck        Filed under: Seamless Steel Siding, vinyl siding

When it comes to choosing siding for your home, there are several options to consider. Two popular choices are ABC Seamless Steel Siding and vinyl siding. In this blog, we will explore the differences between the two and help you make an informed decision.


Seamless steel siding has a more natural and sophisticated look than vinyl siding. ABC Seamless Steel Siding is available in a variety of colors and styles.


Seamless steel siding is known for its durability and is resistant to warping, cracking, and fading. It is also resistant to moisture and insects and can withstand extreme weather conditions such as hailstorms and heavy winds. Vinyl siding is low-maintenance, but it can crack or warp under extreme temperatures. It is also prone to fading over time. A hail storm can make vinyl siding look like Swiss Cheese.


Both seamless steel and vinyl siding are low maintenance options, but seamless steel requires less maintenance in the long run. It does not need to be painted, and it does not attract insects or pests. Vinyl siding may need to be cleaned more frequently to remove dirt and debris that can accumulate on its surface.


Seamless steel siding is generally more expensive than vinyl siding, but it is a worthwhile investment in the long run due to its durability and low maintenance. Vinyl siding is more affordable upfront but may require more maintenance and replacement over time.

Environmental Impact

Seamless steel siding is an eco-friendly option as it is made of recyclable materials and can be recycled at the end of its lifespan. Vinyl siding, on the other hand, is not recyclable and can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly.

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