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Q: "Is there a cost for getting an estimate?"

A: No, we will give you a prompt, written quote at no cost to you. Under normal circumstances we guarantee the price for up to 180 days.

Q: "We are under the impression that ABC Seamless Steel Siding is a lot more expensive than vinyl siding, is that true?"

A: No, although remodeling contractors can purchase vinyl siding at a low cost to them, ABC Seamless steel siding is formed on site to the exact lengths needed. Therefore it is never necessary to cut off excess lengths and toss them aside when coming to the end of a wall or a window, etc. An AMAZING, yet simple process with no costly waste that allows any homeowner a true quality remodel at a great price.

Q: "Would we be better off with ABC Seamless Steel Siding in the event of a hail storm or high winds?"

A: Yes, due to rapid temperature change hail storms knock holes in vinyl siding making it look like Swiss cheese. When high winds catch in the seams you can find yourself picking up the pieces. ABC Seamless Siding is as strong as steel - because it is steel! Nothing stands up to severe weather better than ABC Seamless Steel Siding!

Additionally it is very common for vinyl siding manufacturers to be constantly changing colors. Many homeowners have found after only a few short years their vinyl siding is no longer available - making repairs, replacements or additions a noticeable mismatch. ABC Seamless has added several colors over the years but has never discontinued a color. Original colors from over 30 years ago are still available!

Q: "Are James Hardie and Smartside comparable products?"

A: No, James Hardie and Smartside are not maintenance free siding products and are generally more expensive. Note the strict James Hardie storage and installation guidelines due to moisture absorption problems. Also, the health hazard warning that comes with the product installation.

Q: "How is it made seamless?"

A: Large pre-painted coils are roll-formed on site, custom fit to any length and any style. Our "factory on wheels" is a truly amazing process.

Our 16' trailer houses a 7 stage siding roll forming machine. 1,000 pound roll of finished steel spools into one end and a perfectly formed seamless siding panel is run out to the exact length needed. A fast, flawless process!

Q: "Are the ABC installation crews employees?"

A: Yes. We use no sub-contractors. All of our installation crews are trained employees that adhere to the high standards required by the National ABC Seamless Franchise System.

Q: "How long has ABC Seamless been installing siding?"

A: We have been installing seamless siding, gutters and windows for over 40 years – you can count on us for a great job!

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